There are currently +270 VTOL designs . Is that really so ?

                                                       5 years old design

How many current VTOL's able to do multi missions ? Answer is 1 - helicopter .

Jetcopter - modern helicopter .

Why some investors void to invest to URBAN AIR MOBILITY ?

They prefer software to hardware, eyeing lower development costs and exponential returns

They avoid capital-intensive industries

Most funds look around for shorter return-on-investment time horizons than promised by the evolution of UAM

VCs see great risk in heavily-regulated industries like aerospace


1 passenger on board

1 flight per day

20 miles range


dedicated for urban air mobility only

with 20 miles range

with 60 mph speed

with  1 passenger on board


next generation helicopter

JETCOPTER is ready to fly now , while eVTOL competitors when will get better batteries.

JETCOPTER have patented all construction , while competitors only patented layouts and very often just copy past .

JETCOPTER will go for much broader market instead of only Urban Air Mobility

JETCOPTER will go for Military , Rescue , Police , surveillance  , VIP , Medevac with faster track than UAM

JETCOPTER can be eVTOL  and VTOL , while 99% competitors only eVTOL .

JETCOPTER have unique duct fan design , which is much safer and easier to certify .

JETCOPTER only have construction perfect for eVTOL and perfect for VTOL .

While general aviation will suffer further , new VTOL could replace helicopters in many service areas .




Why eVTOLS will fly in 20 years ?

they don't have batteries they need -  very powerful and very light .

    Get on skyscraper top , feel the winds power there ,  the same moment you will strongly dislike any eVTOL with max flight time 10-15 min. To be able to resist strong winds , not to lose control in the air , eVTOL will need a lot more energy than present eVTOL's can handle.

At +45C or 113F in Dubai batery will be in great danger , at -30C or -22F in Alaska batery will be died .

Battery crash test - filled and charged structure to be dropped from 15m (5th floor) no leak must occur. 1000 kg thing to drop from 5 th floor and expect no cracks - very challenging.


Presently no any eVTOL developer demonstrated any appropriate flights , only posted short videos with take off and landing straight after. They will take long time for developing to hope  new kind ''miracle'' batteries will appear till that time

to lift 2500 kg - 4+ seats vtol multicopter need min 700KW , max flight time with it 15 min .

Who will want to fly eVTOL with 1000 kg very dangerous and flammable LITHIUM ? In case of crash firefighters will not be able to extinguish fire of 1000 kg Lithium for long time. So many TESLAS burned , Lithium batteries packs in ban by general aviation , who wants to be near 1000kg  lithium in air ?

What we know about batteries ?

If you will try your TESLA at full power , how long it will go ? Max 30-40% from declared...Check engineering explained how Tesla have no power even to tow small trailer .When you use battery on the ground ,  bearings take biggest part of gravity on them , so almost all power goes to move car forward  . In the air there are no bearings , you must overcome your gravity force  + have power to push airplane forward. 

must have 15 min reserve x 700 kw = 500 kg lithium 

flight 15 min = 500 kg lithium 

so total for 15 min flight +15 min reserve need 1000 kg battery 

EASA evtol certification task : battery dropping from 15 m height to the ground - must be no leaks .

Its like to drop 1000 kg battery from 5th floor and expect no damages ...? This way battery could blow , not just leak .

Aviation experts have same opinion about eVTOLS - it's very doubtfully to believe that they will be able to lift more than 1 passenger. Lifting just 1 pilot + 1 passenger for very short time and slow speed  ? 

Too many VTOL startups rely on electric motors as this is easiest way to engineer a VTOL - just put powered propeller at place you want . Reality is different- Tesla battery that drive car 500 km  , in air it will keep VTOL  max for 15 min ( reserve only) . So even you will use such 500 kg battery , you still won't get enough range . You need to use 2 of such batteries  - 1000 kg (batteries only )for 15 min flight ...

* Why not helicopters ?     

helicopters are perfect machines when you need long time hoover above one place , but they very inefficient in horizontal flights , are very complex , slow , expensive and dangerous. 12 m diameter rotor blades are very dangerous in crowd areas  , helicopters can't fly near buildings , pilots are tired after 2 hours flight , helicopter pilot licence hard to get . Also last tragic event in LA showed again - helicopters unsafe  .


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